Whatever You Do, Don’t Try To Outrun This Stampede Of Hungry Lambs

Seven little lambs wearing colorful coats were recently filmed kicking up dust as they hoofed it to get their breakfast at an animal sanctuary in Tasmania.

“The Breakfast stampede……..whatever you do don’t get in their way,” FreeHearts Animal Sanctuary posted to Facebook with the adorable video Thursday.

The babies frantically race toward the person holding the camera in anticipation of milk but find only four bottles readily available.

“Only enough room for four!” a woman is heard telling them as she tries to wrestle them off one another with a laugh. “Where are your bottles?”

Once three more bottles appear, all seven tails are seen happily spinning around like pinwheels as they feast on their morning milk.

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According to the sanctuary’s Facebook page, they currently care for more than 80 animals, including cats, chickens, turkeys, pigs, sheep and cows.

“We will provide these animals with a loving permanent home where they are free to live in peace and as nature intended,” their page reads. “We rescue and transport injured and orphaned wildlife to a dedicated wildlife carer where the animal will be rehabilitated and re-released wherever possible.”

To see more photos of adorable baby sheep — even a pair wearing diapers — check out the sanctuary’s Facebook page.

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