Camille Grammer’s Grueling Legal Battle Against Ex Dimitri Charalambopoulos Reveals She Suffers From PTSD & Other Mental Health Issues

Camille Grammer

is going through A LOT!

According to the Daily Mail, Camille is suffering from PTSD in addition to anxiety and depression following an alleged violent incident with her ex Dimitri Charalambopoulos. Per Camille’s word, Dimitri assaulted her in a Texas hotel room back in 2013 while she recovered from a hysterectomy.

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Shortly after a grand jury dismissed Grammer’s claims in court, her ex fought back with a defamation suit which is currently ongoing. While C.G. has defeated some of D.C.’s counter-claims, there are still aspects of the defamation case she still needs to fight with the help of her psychiatrist Dr. Bethany Tucker.

Per Ms. Tucker’s deposition, she revealed the reality star currently takes Lexapro and other anxiety medication due to the physical abuse she suffered at the hands of Dimitri. Bethany also claimed Camille was physically and mentally abused by her ex-husband Kelsey Grammer.

In the doc’s testimony, she alleged:

“…she suffers nightmares and flashbacks. She would describe the assault on probably in almost every session early on.She was always very consistent about what had transpired. The fact that she told me consistently what had transpired made me thing thatthe thingsthat she was saying to me were accurate. She was constantly worried about her safety and if Dimitri was going to break into her house since he knew the property and knew the codes and all that sort of stuff.”

What heartbreaking details!

As for Kelsey’s influence on the blond, B.T. explained:

“… she was struggling with divorce issues and a custody battle [and] sometimes she couldn’t sleep. She was dealing with the custody battle with the kids. So sometimes – she felt she had some verbal abuse. Patient concerned about lies Kelsey is saying about her”

Wow. The poor momma really needs all the support she can get right now!

Keep your head up, Camille!

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