Inside This Sikh Artist’s Wonderland Of Spirituality

Sikh artist Baljinder Kaur’s Instagram account exudes both sweetness and profundity. Through her art, the 25-year-old UK native explore themes of faith and identity as expressed through daily life.

“I don’t intentionally convey particular messages, rather, they’re outcomes of conversations with myself, through and with the life around me,” Kaur told The Huffington Post. “They help me connect and make sense of things.”

Baljinder Kaur
Kaur’s series “The Guru” explores her relationship to the divine. The Sikh faith honorsten gurus who founded the religion, beginningwith Guru Nanak in 1469 and ending with Guru Gobind Singh in 1708.

Kaur’s faith comes through in images of the Sikh gurus and characters wearing turbans, or dastaars, but also in more subtle explorations of nature, love and the wider universe.

Since the beginning of 2016, Kaur has been exploring the theme of gratitude through her art. Her “Thank You” project is a series of what will eventually be 100 drawings and paintings — or “expressions” as she calls them — on the seemingly quotidian objects, people and experiences for which she’s grateful.

Baljinder Kaur
Kauris often her own subject for her art, though she says she’s also “hopelessly infatuated with elderly folk.”

“Ideally, as a Sikh there is no distinction between what is or isn’t spiritual,” Kaur explained. “This entire expanse is innately divine and can be used as a tool to experience, remember and ingrain that ultimate truth.”

Kaur released her latest “Thank You” on Instagram for Earth day, marking 96 out of 100 expressions.

“My husband once said to me that ‘God is in the details. The beauty in our existence is there to remind us of the beauty of our existence.’ That phrase has stuck since,” Kaur said.

A photo posted by Baljinder Kaur (@blahjinder) on Sep 16, 2015 at 1:46am PDT

Kaur and her husband at their wedding in 2015.

Baljinder Kaur
“Despite all those wounds, scars, severe dehydration and isolation, thank you for reflecting nothing but light.”

“So in attempting to practice consciousness and gratitude, I try to recognize that beauty in our everyday lives,” she added. “It is that same experience which connects us to the infinite.”

Check out more of Baljinder Kaur’s art on her website and Instagram account.

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