Kate Middleton Even Looks Gorgeous In A Sweatband

The Royal Family’s full-time job is to champion charitiesit’s basically like your sorority’s community service requirement, but for their whole lives. Every member of the fam has their own favorite organizations and causes, but this week Will, Harry, and Kate joined together to film a video about mental health, which is the buzzword for politicians and activists in 2016. The initiative is called “Heads Together,” which aims to reduce stigmas surrounding mental health. Clearly, they read our article on going to therapy. Ugh, beautiful and she supports one of the causes nearest to our hearts, why is Kate so perfect?!

The whole video is giving me a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show level inferiority complex. First of all, the video features people running around their backyard aka Kensington Palace. Kate is wearing a fucking sweatband and makes it look like a diamond tiara. I wore one to a tennis themed pregame and looked like I had just gotten out of brain surgery. But the final straw is the “let’s take a serious photo” attempt. Like every dance, formal, or day at the beach, you and your friends have done a “serious” pic, which always ends up with one girl laughing. Except, instead of being the ugly one in the photo, Kate is still the future Queen of England.

You can watch the video below, or just take our word for it that Kate looks amaze, as always.

Another week, another reason to be insanely jealous of Her Royal Highnesses.

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